Emergence Of A New Business Ecosystem: Business Ecosystem 2.0

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Estalmia Purpose Team

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Emergence Of 'Business Ecosystem 2.0'

Withstanding market competition
Ever demanding customers
Cribbing Employees
Dealing with financial constraints
Misbehaving vendors
Driving scale within projected time for investors

So many parameters to deal with at the same time. Scaling a business is not easy, is it?

That’s not the end of it.

“Businesses always convert the impossible statement to the question.” ‘It can’t be done’ to ‘how can it be made possible?”

-Estalmia Purpose Team

Top it off with government compliances

Natural threats like pandemic
Global economic changes
Consumer behaviour changes

Even more parameters and then to make the life still more difficult, the parameters keep changing as well.

Sometimes, it seems more complicated than sending a satellite to Mars, pun intended!

But despite that, ‘businesses’ enable the proper functioning of human civilization.

"Businesses are a means to ease the human lives and enable proper functioning and development of the human civilization, collectively."
Ismat Ahmed Shaikh | Founder and CEO, Estalmia
Ismat Ahmed Shaikh
Founder & CEO, Estalmia

We, as humans, have made it far. 

Far from any other species on the planet.

But, this important link, the business ecosystem, which connects one human to another human through work, products and services, and emphasizes on how co-dependent we are on each other for our survival and progress on this planet, has a of scope for improvement.

Now, it is time to take it further. It is time to take this business ecosystem that unites us all and enables us to thrive different challenges and equips us to make our lives better, to the next level.

Because, we are humans.

We don’t stop.

Our curiosity and problem solving capacity is beyond anyone else.

It is time to be human again.

To use thinking like never before
To develop our skills like never before
To use technology like never before.
To develop deeper human relationships like never before
To develop business mechanisms like never before
To achieve growth like never before

To form businesses like never before.

Business ecosystem 2.0

It is time to start upgrading to ‘business ecosystem 2.0′. Stay tuned, to know more.

Key Takeaways

  • Businesses form an ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders majorly consisting of customers, employees, business leaders, vendors or investors. 
  •  Despite, the challenges faced on a daily basis, businesses are facilitating day-to-day functioning of the human society. But, there is a scope of improvement.
  • It is time to work towards optimising the existing ecosystem and progress towards updating it to the business ecosystem 2.0. Stay tuned!

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