Let's Bring Profit and Purpose Together

We are building a purpose-driven business ecosystem of customers, employees, business leaders, vendors and investors.

What do we stand for?

We at Estalmia, integrate four aspects in our DNA to drive the social impact we aim to create.


We thrive for our purpose and ensure all our activities are aligned towards making that a reality.


We ensure our profits are derived from a purpose driven business model working towards the betterment of humanity.

Better Good

Working towards a better good of humanity motivates us to get up every morning and propels our decision making and KPIs.


Our fulfillment comes from our contribution towards making this world a better place for us and the generations to come.

What We Believe

We believe we are near the end of the old business era. 

Looking for a sign?

Customers using sustainable products is increasing. 

Employees getting work flexibility, remote work, hybrid model. 

Businesses and brands working on sustainable products and adopting employee friendly policies. 

Vendors producing sustainable raw materials preferred. 

Investors allocating funds for impact investment.

What else? Even, you reading this and the founding of Estalmia itself. Imagine, we never talked about it earlier.

But, we believe in being active in the creation of the new business era where businesses don’t focus on profits alone but integrate social impact in their business model.

We dream of a world where profit and purpose of betterment of humanity are not separate.

A world for each one of us. And for the creation of that world, we believe in You!

How Do You Participate In Creating the Profit with Purpose Economy?

As Customers

Each one of us, whether we work or not, participate in the world economy through our consumption. We are making purchases that runs the business ecosystem. 

For the change we want want to see, it’s important we become aware of our purchase decisions.

As Employees

Our contribution towards a global change is greater as we participate in businesses through our daily tasks and activities which in turn helps create the world we live in.

Being aware of the purpose of the company we are working with, helps in finding more fulfillment at work along with the remuneration.

As Business Leaders

As founders, CXOs and upper management team, we use our leadership towards creating a world we live in and for our children and next generations to come.

The more conscious we are of our business decisions and its influence on the world, the better impact we create along with the profit.

As Vendors

As businesses that support other businesses, we are more concerned about our survival and not realize our contribution towards the better world.

Being able to facilitate a sustainable supply chain driven by ‘profit with purpose’ model makes the business chain stronger.

As Investors

With the wealth, investors drive the profit and with that the kind of world we create for everyone.

With more funds allocated to purpose driven businesses that drives profit as well, we create a better world.

Community members

Ready to embark on a new business era?

As we are in our earlier  stages, we have started our work with creating a purpose driven business community.

We aim to build a community of customers, employees, business leaders, vendors and investors that lay the foundation of the new business ecosystem.

Let's Change How Businesses Function

Just by living within the economy, each one of us interact with the business ecosystem either as customers or employees or business leaders or vendors or investors. 

We are responsible for the kind of business ecosystem we have produced. But, we also have the capacity to drive the change we want to see in our lives.

How Estalmia Aims To Drive Global Change

We aim to drive social impact through the following

Awareness Campaigns

Create content that supports the social impact objectives along with the profit ensuring the profit with purpose ideology is ingrained in mass population.

Building a Profit With Purpose Business Community

Build a purpose driven business community of customers, employees, business leaders, vendors and investors.

Driving Community Engagement

Enabling the purpose-driven business community to interact, engage, endorse, offer purpose driven services and help each other make positive social impact.

Some Satistics

We compiled the data published from various renowned sources and found out an interesting insight.

83% customers believe companies should only earn a profit if they also deliver a positive impact

63% employees want their employer to provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day work. 

89% business leaders believe companies that lead with purpose have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

89% business leaders believe companies that lead with purpose have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

Meaningful brands outperformed the stock market by a staggering 206% over a ten year period of 2006-2016.

Let’s join our hands to enable the profit with purpose business ecosystem.

Our Core Team

Our core team brings in experience from various domains such as finance, marketing and legal and are driven towards bringing profit and purpose together.

Sanaya is a lawyer by profession and has had several years of inexperience in corporates.

She has faced and understands both the needs as well as the challenges in the existing business ecosystem and is giving her all for the profit with purpose vision.
Sanaya Farooqui | Purpose Manager, Estalmia
Sanaya Farooqui
Purpose Manager
Ismat brings his leadership, management and marketing experience to fuel his vision of bringing profit and purpose together.

He believes, we are all unique individuals and he cultivates this belief within himself and others.
Ismat Ahmed Shaikh | Founder and CEO, Estalmia
Ismat Ahmed Shaikh
Founder and CEO, Estalmia
Keyaan has years of experience in financial domain and brings his consistency and stability to the team.

He is well-versed on how businesses function and is determined to transform the business ecosystem for good.
Keyaan Shaikh
Keyaan Shaikh
Head of Purpose Movement

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